From Zero to Shipping Monthly; When You Don’t Give Up

From zero, to shipping monthly …

I recently had a chat with one of our Socialite Society members about managing her orders.

This is a great moment for so many reasons…

Tanya came to ThePGC well over a year ago now. She was in and out, consuming all of the free information she could to grow and pull her business ideas together.

I helped her look at selling her products to a different audience, because she was focused on a segment that just wasn’t a good niche for her.

It was over-crowded and saturated. Everyone clamoring for the same customer, trying to get their attention.

After a few months, she finally got to a place where she could join The Socialite Society, from using all the free information that she got from within the community.

She was working, okkkayyyy?!

Then, before I knew it – Tanya was signing up for one on one lessons, further growing her business and positioning her USP (Unique Selling Proposition), or her magic, as I love to call it.

Finally came the Los Angeles retreat!

So many people complain about the cost of these events, not realizing the time, money, energy – all of the things – it takes to put these together.

Not Tanya; she said “if I can just get there, I know that Tori will help me, and it will make all the difference in the future of my business”.

She broke the fee into payments, and yes, Tanya did make it to work with me in LA for 3 days. We cried on day one, because I know what it meant for her to get there…literally using up every single dollar she’d saved to join the business building retreat.

And now here she is…months later, selling consistently…and killing it in her special little niche that she’s carved out for herself!

She’s at the point where it’s all about shipping out all those fancy, fabulous wigs for her drag queen babes. I could not be more proud of what she’s done so far, and excited for where she’s going next…

As many new (and established) businesses learn, shipping expenses can make or break your business.

If you’re selling small items of just a few dollars, then having to pay shipping costs of $5 and up, your customer doesn’t want to pay $5 to get that item.

They expect discounted, or free shipping in most cases…

So how does the new business – or even the established business – survive?

You need a solution that can help you manage your orders all one one platform, and give you access to the best shipping rates possible!

And I have a special offer from my friends who can totally help you with that…

Click here for deets!

XX, Tori

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