How are you transitioning your business?

I’m checking in with you to see how you’re doing during this Pandemic…can’t even believe I’m typing that, but it’s true.

One thing you may already know about me just from our few interactions…I am someone who makes every attempt to find the positive in situations.

And I get that’s a BIG statement. I’ve been through high highs and low low’s just like many of you – so that’s not a passive statement by any stretch.

I’m saying that to say I get it.

There are so many people right now who don’t know how they’ll support their families, or who have invested money in start-ups that aren’t starting up right now. People who were counting on a launch that really just won’t work right now because of the industry they’re in…

And that’s why I’m putting out so much free content right now…content that we’d normally charge $15k for access, and $25k + up to teach.


Not because I’ve totally lost it. But because I believe that when you can deliver value at a time where someone needs it most, that’s when you have the absolute most impact.

That is when you get to decide the person you want to be.

That is where true character develops.

There’s always a time to make money…and when you can serve and give, you do that.

Because your gifts + blessings don’t ever come back from the person you gift or bless. They come from a well that overflows so much bigger, and for much longer.

It’s something I tell Crissi all the time…he’s such a supportive, and caring first born…I always tell him “baby, your blessings will be a billion times more tremendous than Mami could ever give you.” And I give him a lot!🤩

Today, I’m giving you a little something, too. I was thinking about how to help my PoshGirls community with selling smarter or getting into the e-commerce space with their service based businesses…and I decided to do a free training to give you some tips on what that can look like.

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