💰The money is out there

Let me be really clear with you – now is not the time to slow down or ‘play it safe’!

I say this with some hesitation – but it’s a very tiny, tiny amount of hesitation. I’m not usually one to tell people…who are we kidding, lol. Yes I am!

📣And I am telling you now!

It’s not the time to slow down and calm yourself. That is, not if your goal is to create your own space in the e-commerce world.

I know it’s a strong stance to take, but I’m taking it!


Because I don’t want you to get left behind. The world is literally at a slower pace than ever, with so many businesses closed or doing limited business.

💸It is the prime time to think about this business idea that’s been on your mind – in more detail!

💸It is absolutely time for you to level up that current business. I know you – you have been on a roll, working on getting your branding together, your messaging, or your website…but you’re concerned that maybe no one is selling anything right now.

That is simply not true.

One thing about humanity – we adapt. We create new norms. We seize opportunity.

And that’s where I want you to be right now!

I want to see you create your space.

Become the thought leader

Become the coach.

Grow the business.


Right now, inside of The Socialite Society (we’ve actually still have women joining us even in a pandemic!) we are teaching our girls how to shift, and push

I don’t want you to miss what just may be your perfect opportunity to create an impactful business.

And so, I’m extending an invite for you to get in now and start accessing the resources you need to build your business right the first time (or at least this time, finally!)

If you’re in need of help, we can truly help you. 

📈Get clarity.

📈Gain focus.

📈Work the plan.

📈See the wins.

To update you on some facts about where we are in life…

I have a portfolio that includes 3 homes.

I generate 6 figures a year from just a single income stream

Coco just purchased her home that sits on 10 acres…

It’s just down the street from her other land. That one is over an acre.

I just ordered my 2nd Range Rover, so it’ll be ready when I get back to the East Coast for the summer.

📈My sons learn how to invest in real estate + flip their money on Saturday’s. They will NEVER have to work for anyone else.

And neither will Coco’s because this is a family business #forevaeva

We’re not flashy on Instagram because it’s just not our style.

But we have the juice. 

Billionaires have gotten richer, let that sink in…The money hasn’t gone. It has simply shifted.

So we must shift with it. 

See you on the inside?

XX, Tori

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