Imagine it was your son.

I wasn’t going to speak on it.

Not because of fear or not wanting to get involved.

But this is the brand DNA that ThePoshGirlsClub community was founded on.

The idea that we are one.

Togetherness, unity, and true love of humanity.

I wasn’t going to say anything, because this is what I face every single day of my life – and most especially since the day that I found out I was pregnant with my first son.

Some things just cannot go unsaid… My mom grew up in the 60s, so all I ever heard of growing up was how scary it was to be a black person in America.

And then I went to private school, and my first day there… Like, literal first day, in the lunch line… I got called the N word by two girls in front of me.

To be clear, they didn’t say it to me – they said it to one another…

“Why is this nigger here…?”

So as far as I can remember in my life, it was unappealing and unsafe to be a black person.

That’s what it’s like in so many instances…why is that nigger here?

We can be the smartest, most outgoing, hardest working, dynamic presence in the room…

And because of our skincolor…not have a seat at the table.

Or a table of our own.

And now there were my sons…

We live in a neighborhood that our direct neighbors don’t feel we belong in…

Regardless of how much I’ve worked to get them here.

They talk to one another – we come outside, everyone gets quiet.

When Cris goes out to walk Caesar, he gets dirty looks.

We pass open garages and actually say hello to an entire group of people as we pass – no one responds.

We aren’t welcome.

What infuriates me the most about it, is that you’re reading this, and you know or have been that person – and you pretend you don’t get it.

When I send Cristian + Carmelo out to play ball, or simply go to the store… I have to say a prayer and hope with everything inside of me that they return home free of attack because of what they look like.

Because I will never be able to live with myself if I’ve sent my sons out to play – and their blackness gets them hurt. Or profiled.

Or killed.

I pray they return home because they are black.

That is my reality. 

And the reality of so many other people across the world, yes.

But Today, we are focused on one. #GeorgeFloyd

This story, like so many others, brings me back to a very sobering moment in my life. I’ll never forget watching Matthew McConaughey in a scene from one of the movies that had the most profound impact on me as a little girl.

Now imagine for a.jpeg

A Time To Kill . There’s a scene in the movie, where, in the closing arguments- I recall him describing the horrors of an attack on a little black girl to a jury of all white people…

It was horrific. I cried.

But the character knew that because the victim was black, the jury would not convict the attackers.

Matthew, playing the attorney gives his closing arguments.

He asks the jury to close their eyes as he describes the horrors the little girl experienced…

Describes her rape, abuse, the agony of the attack on this little girl. At the very end, nearly in tears – barely able to whisper the words, he says… ‘now imagine she were white.’

That moment was a crushing moment now imprinted on me forever.

It crushed my heart to know how small the world saw me. 💔

THAT is our daily reality. 

And I pray that people will take the time to find the courage to ...evolve first during this time.

And then find and require new and more effective ways to exact change.

Donate, listen, love, heal, change, impact.


George Floyd and every other Black person in America can share similar stories…stories much more profound than mine.

Much more heartbreaking.

Much more devastating.

George Floyd should still be alive.

He died because a police officer decided to take his life – because he could.

We really are one. 💯♥️

And if you aren’t there yet…and you can’t relate to any other part of this…simply imagine that it were your son.

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