What’s Wrong With Standards?

What’s wrong with standards?

Everything we do and everything we are is based and revolves around some standards that we have set up for ourselves.

Sometimes these standards are imposed by the society we live in, sometimes they are imposed by our family, but they are 100% accepted by us.

No one can force us to create expectations for ourselves except for us.

This can be very helpful because we will always be striving to meet our standards, however, at the same time, this can cause a lot of toxicity to us, which is hard to notice.

So, here is what is wrong with standards…

  1. We change every day, we are dynamic human beings who use every day to evolve into a better version of ourselves, so our standards need to be fluid too. We can’t use the same standards we used a year ago, because we are more prepared now. For example, if my standard was to work out 3 times a week, after a year, it should probably be 4 or 5.

  2. Standards cause unnecessary and fake stress. We cannot expect ourselves to always perform with the same quality, receiving the same result. Sometimes our maximum will not be enough, sometimes it will be too much, every situation requires a different us. Life is not a template that can be applied to everything, and neither can standards because sometimes our energy will be needed elsewhere, which will make us not meet our “standard” and that is okay.

  3. If we allow someone else to determine our standards we will never be able to see our capabilities and our full potential. Society is created by individuals and those individuals have shared their OWN standards, but that does not mean that we should accept them as our own as well. We may be more capable than what those standards will allow us to achieve.

Hence, what we can do is have morals that will guide us through life and always, always try harder.

Standards should not be part of our mindset but giving our maximum attention, maximum focus, and our maximum energy to all the tasks we will complete today.

If we do everything with our full potential we will have exceeded the full potential we had yesterday and constantly evolve for the better.


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  1. MI says:

    I agree. I think the most impractical thing you can do is set goals for yourself and be held accountable for your actions 🙂

  2. Alyssa Paul says:

    I loved this piece, I feel like I should evaluate my own standards more often. Great work!

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