📈The Missing Link

Let’s look at advertising high level

Advertising consists of sharing the message around your business + delivering value to the customer/ consumer.

The ultimate Goal = create awareness around what you’re selling. And for your brand.

There’s a critical element between developing or creating your products and then selling them. It’s the missing link that’s vital to your ongoing success. And here is where there’s often a missing, very important link.

What people do:

  1. Make or create product/ service

  2. Wait for people to buy

  3. OR do promo about the product even, but from THEIR perspective, vs. customer’s

  4. This ends with you failing at sales, feeling defeated, making more service offers while selling less – if any of your product at all. It’s a spinning wheel!

What they forget is that:

  1. Most people don’t know who you are

  2. To scale, you constantly need new customers coming in o or you burn out your old audience

  3. You don’t need to do more creation of products or even selling different products. You need MARKETING so you can create awareness!

Let’s break down advertising efforts…

I just saw a presentation where a VP of MKTG talked about company efforts in spreading brand awareness.

The levels/tiers of marketing usually break down as such:

  1. Awareness

  2. Intent

  3. Conversion

  4. Loyalty

  5. Advocacy

His current company, which is a multi-million dollar brand – has only ever focused on Conversion.

It was mind-blowing to me that this was true for a brand so large…

Because I see this DAILY as a mistake that many are making.

  1. You’re an author, you write a book.

  2. You’re a coach, you make a course.

  3. You sell authentic accessories as an importer…

You’re great at what you do!

You have mastered your product or service. And you hit the market with that product! That’s all conversion based selling.

The missing link is awareness and intent behind spreading that awareness.

As a new brand, you MUST hit the first two to scale easier.

That’s why we have been so focused on the BASK.

Intention-based marketing.

As you create your products + service, remember that most of your audience doesn’t see your content, offers, posts on the first post.

Audiences need multiple touches before they purchase from new brands.

Your audience needs to know, like, + trust you before they become a loyal customer.

Many buyers will watch you for extended periods before they actually hit the buy button – especially when you’re a service based business.

If you’re stuck in the struggle of trying to grow your audience + customers, join me in The Socialite Society where I’m helping the babes in my community level up.

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