We All Have Something to Give

Although I come from a small country, I have lived in a country 24 times the size, hence when it was time to come back it definitely had an impact on me, which wasn’t easy to notice at first.

It is not even questionable that the society in those two countries is different, some values are the same, some are different, but what is definitely different are the people in it, which had the biggest effect on me.

In the beginning, I honestly couldn’t see that I did not “fit” in the society.

I found friends and communicated with people as I would normally do, had conversations which seemed normal to me. However, one day it hit me that subconsciously I would try so hard to relate to the people around me that I would try to make their struggles my struggles.

If someone said they had confidence issues I would assume that I do too.

If someone said they were scared of public speaking, I would instinctively say “Me too”, not realizing that simply said, I wasn’t able to relate.

I had other things I wanted to talk about, I had other “struggles” that I was dealing with.

Hence, when I first noticed that my views were different I got mad and I can’t tell what I got more mad at; at myself for being “different” or at the society because I couldn’t relate to it.

This led me to start journaling and expressing myself through writing.

I was journaling and spent a lot of time learning more about myself before I started sharing it with my friends what I had been journaling about through my blog.

I would share all my real thoughts, not the fake ones that I thought I had, but the actual ones.

My success stories, my super high ambitions, how to celebrate your success, how to go through life using the maximum of anything thrown at you, and maneuvering it for the better, among other topics. I shared my truth, my ambitions presented through optimistic and positive blogs.

To my surprise, a lot of people could relate to these blogs, which made me question myself again, how can they relate to me, but I cannot relate to them?

This led me to the final and most important realization.

Society is created by individuals who cannot fully relate to each other, but the beauty of it is that we can always find a part of us to relate to a part of someone else, and so on.

This means that I wasn’t the only one who was different, but everyone was, which is what makes us all special in our own way, moreover, all of us have a lot to give to the society and the people in it. Everyone is as important in our life, everyone has a certain life lesson that they will teach us and we should utilize it to our advantage.

I will stay unique like everyone around me is and the beauty of it is that all of us will have something to give!

Author: Sofija S. @bossesinthemaking

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