Tell Me What You Love To Do, And I’ll Tell You How To Make Money Doing It

Tell Me What You Love To Do…..and I’ll tell you how to make money doing it. It’s been 3 years of watching people get so close to their dream life, then stall. I’ve seen it time and time again. Not everyone, of course…but you know, those with that ball of fire energy, as I call it…
They jump in The Socialite Society, maybe even private coaching for a hot minute – they get the connection and a bit of traction…then poof, they’re gone.

Literally watch it over +over… like being stuck in ‘Groundhog’s Day’.

You probably don’t even know that movie…lol. But I barely recall this guy repeating the same day over + over until he gets it right.

They reach the point of getting clarity, seeing momentum, then decide to go it on their own.

Only to find themselves stuck on the wheel of disappointment for months + months, thinking that 2 months of coaching or a membership was going to give them every single thing they needed to succeed.

Then, it’s on to the next coach, the next community…

Only to find, that the problem is and always was…your willingness to commit to yourself.

To dig in and learn, apply, try, edit, try again, plan, edit, attack, and start to see the fruits of your labor unfold.

That is a gift and a treasure that belong only to the most diligent.

I’d like to feed you a bunch of bs that says otherwise.

But I would be lying to you.

Your hard-work and diligence are the main, key factors to long-term success.

When you hear the phrase ‘survival of the fittest, only the strong survive”, you shouldn’t take this lightly.

Honestly, I get so tired and even saddened sometimes watching Influencers + community leaders tell you that ‘all you have to do is “take my course to be successful…” Because again, that’s bs designed to get you to buy a course.

To sell more of their products and Influence.

That is not all you will need.

Entrepreneurship + building a very successful business is not for the faint of heart – no matter how clear the path of direction is that I give you.

This sh!t ain’t for everybody!

And as much as I love making money – I also believe in karma.

You know, ‘what goes around, flows around’.

There isn’t a simple path to success…even though there is a simpl-er path. There are tools that can help you get there quicker, when you stay the course.

Success can be yours if you are willing to make the necessary life adjustments that you’ll need to take you there.

I started my series, “Tell Me What You Love To Do, And I’ll Tell You How To Make Money Doing It”, based on something I used to do on IG live when I first started ThePGC back in 2017.

My live viewers really loved this – because they would literally tell me what they love doing, and I’d give them an example of how to monetize on the spot.

It was such a hit, I decided to make it a regular series…

A series that leads into the HOW. The instructional and why I teach you what I do…

And why I teach the way that I do – with real value; no bs, no fraudulent claims, no pretense about the level of effort you’ll need…because I seriously and whole-heartedly want to see you win.

I want you to know that the simplest way to success is through knowledge, consistency, and commitment to your dreams.

The wins are for those who are willing to put in the work.

Are you ready to put in the work so you can see the rewards, too?

Here’s episode one of the new series…

And I hope that you’ll see the big picture.

Because I SO want to see you win.

So I’ll see you on the other side…

XX, Tori

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