The Way Back to the Top

We fall and we rise, and sometimes we lose sight of the road.

But to find our way back we need to deem no place for convention and familiarity.

For many years I was preoccupied with a personal goal I had set for myself, although I knew only handful of people who achieved it. I worked hard, trying to neglect the discouraging words of people saying there is a very small chance for people coming from a small country to make it there.

But this “very small chance” was my leading hope. However, plans changed, and I was not able to execute the plan.

Looking back at this I come to realize that I just got too comfortable for a moment and lost my chance. Suddenly, it felt as if I was consumed by the darkness of uncertainty that clouded my path, the path to success. Nonetheless, I was determined and did not want to believe this was it. I worked tirelessly looking for a second chance, which thankfully I got.

Hence, we must understand that in order to pick ourselves up we need to get uncomfortable and not let our guard down.

We must constantly work towards progress and success, especially when we get a small window of opportunity. Success means challenging ourselves, which requires a lot of effort.

And although getting ourselves out of such dark clouds is exhausting, we can use this transformation as a fuel for the motivation of today and keep moving forward.

And yes, we must continue building our own path because not a single person on this planet can expect to walk the same road.

But before we embark on such journey, we have to remember to bring along our friends: Persistence, Motivation, and Discipline. Because they are the ones we will seek out for in darkness and the ones we uplift in light.

Don’t get Comfortable.

Stefani Spasenoska

Instagram: @photography_stefani

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