Dear Imposter…I Can’t Hear You From Way Up Here.

It’s been a year and a half since I made the career leap to San Francisco.

Growing up in a small commuter town in the Central Valley, California, I believe I always had aspirations for myself that exceeded that of the suburban fairy tale.

Aspirations that, even though derailed for over a decade, made their way back into my heart and mind in my late twenties, after my divorce.

In the course of six years, I went from financial rock bottom, to more than doubling my income, becoming 100% financially self-sufficient, gaining a great deal of professional freedom, and fulfilling my dream of working in the City by the Bay, with no shortage of opportunity and inspiration.

The transition, however, was nowhere near seamless. I had many people, both family and colleagues, that were constantly emphasizing to me the challenges I would face commuting into the city, sure that I wouldn’t last and that leaving my current position was a mistake.

A position that I knew only a few months into that I was being underpaid for, as well as underappreciated.

Here’s the thing about that hustler mentality though; that breadwinner mindset:

We have the innate ability to take the doubters, and use them as fuel, rather than a deterrent. I stood my ground when it came to negotiations with my soon to be employer, I calculated the costs to ensure the move was more than financially worthwhile despite the costs incurred in travel and the giving up of financial support from my children’s father.

I worked out a new custody schedule that would allow me to both fulfill my new position, and still have regular, ample time with my children.

And when all the T’s were crossed and I’s dotted, I just made the unequivocal decision to SUCCEED.

“Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.” ~ Kobi Yamada

I struggled with a bit of imposter syndrome in the beginning, not quite sure how a small-town girl with only a few college courses under her belt landed a six-figure career in heart of the city (with a not so shabby view from the 21st floor).

But I reminded myself on many occasions that establishing our worth as females is one of the most valuable actions we can take in life.

Not just professionally, but within ourselves and in our relationships.

Because when we own our worth, we are also more inclined to look for that worth in others.

And that right there, is how we build a solid community of empowered females.

I am currently serving as an Accounting Manager for an established company in Union Square, San Francisco, where I manage not only every penny that flows through the company, but I also manage commercial investment properties in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas. I am also working to complete a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in only 2.5 years, with the goal of opening a Business Consulting Company in the Bay Area.

P.s. That’s My Evening office view


Author: Melissa J. @melissav1986 IG, www.thirtynwordy.com; www.sexonthewestcoast.com

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