Do you really want to win, or are you just playing?

‘How to simplify your sales process’ – what to do in place of a website

A few key elements to know before you begin working on your offers/sales pages

I hear it all the time…’I don’t have money to build a website.’ And I call bs.

What oftentimes is happening is lack of vision, drive, or determination to get started. To believe that you deserve to have the life you want.

To be brave enough to kick impostor syndrome’s ass to the curb – and go and get that life.

My question becomes…do you really want to win?

Or are you seeking existing in self sabotage?

Business is all strategy.

So learn the strategy to be successful in your pursuits – here’s where the great divide shows up for the wishers and the doers.

Selling is simple when you are tactical. It’s understanding your audience, building the relationship – knowing who you are and how you bring value to them.

Your audience wants to connect with you now more than ever, because we live in an environment that’s ever starved for connection.

There are infinite distractions, and whimsical changes of direction with every click and switch of a platform.

So give them something they can connect to, know, like, and trust – to show up.

One simple way to do that is through a simple sales page.

If you think you can’t sell with a simple page – even from your blog – the first thing you’ll need is a mindset shift.

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.

Once you get your mindset in check, keep reading at a breakdown of exactly how you can simplify your selling process to reach more audiences, sell more with each visit, and replicate the process.

✅ Be clear on your ideal or ‘dream customer’ and don’t be afraid to edit this! There are huge markets so niche is key. Learn to speak their language and only to them.

✅ Be very clear on how you serve this audience. What do you do differently than everyone else in a way that makes you unique?

✅Speak to the benefits of your product vs. the features. Your customer only cares what’s in it for them.


✅ Eliminate extra products + services you don’t need right now.

You CAN sell into 6 + 7 figures with a single sales page. If you include the key factors that will make them want to buy – they need to know, like, + trust you.

Simplify to Amplify🚀

Once you have a full product offer together, you can launch that product to your people with the:

  1. Link in bio

  2. Blogs – which is where you can BUILD the sales page for now using the core 4 methodology of (killer headline, pain points, how you provide relief, + social proof – the guarantee is the plus)

  3. Email nurturing – customer journey

Once you have a link to the sales page, this essentially becomes the page you run ads + traffic to through:

  1. Collaborations

  2. SFS

  3. Advertising on FB

That single sales page becomes the entry point.

Which is why you can sell WITHOUT a website in the beginning or FOREVER!

Less time for the customer spent shopping your site just to get distracted, or lose interested.

More targeted traffic to your offers – that you can retarget later on AND use to replicate audiences on FB.

Use a free email marketing platform for now to drive the sales + build the relationship.

And this is your customer’s journey.

Want to learn more about how I teach my community about creating a simpler selling process?

Click below to learn more…

See you on the inside?

XX, Tori

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