Taking a break from yourself

Taking a break from yourself

When we need a break from our environment, what do we do? We take a trip to relax. When we need a break from work, what do we do? We leave and take a vacation.  But, what happens when we need a break from ourselves?

To begin with, it is the hardest one to define and understand, so if you have understood that you are not trying to escape from anything else but yourself, Congratulations!

Often, people don’t understand what they need a break from, fore the easiest ones are the go-to phrases, “I need a break from school/work, I need a break from adulting, my kids, my parents.” Always explained by the physical existence of things, that can be easily determined. But who can blame them, how can anyone understand easily that what they really need is a break from THEMSELVES. A thought that is even scarier is how would they do that?

But, listen, it is okay to need a break from yourself and no not the physical you, but from what would be left if you couldn’t physically touch anything. It is a break from anything that defines you without the physical existence of things, not your cars, houses, body, but your thoughts, soul, and feelings.

And lucky for you, I will share with you some tips on how to effectively take a break from yourself.

1. Please stop panicking, thinking that because you are feeling this way you must secretly hate yourself, maybe you are doing something wrong, maybe you are overworking yourself. Stop! Okay? Just stop. You are fine, what you are feeling is more than okay for any person in the entire world is wrong. Hence, instead of feeling panic, start feeling thankful toward yourself for gathering the courage to admit that it is a break from yourself that you need not from anyone else.

Now that you are calm, we can proceed.

2. Don’t try to escape your thoughts, no matter how tempted you are instead, take a pen and a paper or your laptop, or anything that you can write on and start writing, without focusing on having structured writing. Write down your thoughts as they come, in bullet points, repeat this as often as you need until your brain feels like it is not flooded with thoughts anymore. This will help you not focus on looking for a distraction to forget your thoughts, which is harmful because a) you might miss out on some amazing thoughts that could potentially lead to something big, b) you will feel pressured and stressed to not think about them. But, to actually give yourself a break.

3. Lastly, once you are calm and have written everything down allow your mind to enter its most vivid imagination, you know the one from when you were a little kid and was so fun to do? That one! Since, you have written everything important down, which you can develop and go back to once your break is done, have fun with your thoughts. Allow your mind to daydream as much as it needs, after all, you are on a break aren’t you?

After you are done taking a break from yourself, you will feel relaxed, happy, and ready to continue conquering the world!

Author: Sofija S. @bossesinthemaking

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