Ditch the guesswork. What’s in your DNA?

So…there’s a centralized success story that happens to brands that develop their core elements.

I refer to this as your brand DNA.

It’s what makes people feel connected to you in a tribal way…

This core creates a feeling of support, connectivity, and protection for the brand in question.

And when your brand develops this type of relationship with your audience, they know that you are the person to come to for the solution that you specifically provide.

The problem for most businesses – especially those just starting out – is they don’t know anything about creating this tribal network.

And with so many different brands online and new ones emerging daily, it’s a necessary component to building a successful business.

First comes the people, then come the sales.

How are you creating a tribal network that makes your audience feel you to the core…?

I’ve seen people who spend 3 to 5 years just trying to figure out this element and spinning their wheels, struggling to make sales not because they don’t have a great product.

And not because they don’t have a great service outlined.

The problem exists that their ideal people don’t know who they are and haven’t built a connection to them, and therefore aren’t checking for these great products and services.

When I started PGC a few years ago – I sold products from day ONE. Because I understood Primal Branding.

I didn’t have a single sales funnel or offer page set up – just a link to buy. And I was selling thousands in product offers immediately.

Can you imagine trying to sell for years, only to make a sale here and there… Just because you haven’t connected with your audience?

See, what I’ve seen is people posting, sometimes even daily.

But…there’s no system, or rhyme and reason behind why they are posting.

There is no clarity in who they are even posting for.

So how do you get to an intentional space of creating daily posts for your feed that are for your ideal customer?

How do you create a system where you can do this multiple times a day?

And how do you connect the tribal feeling to the product or service itself?

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XX, Tori💋

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