So, about this life…

So I was talking to Kyle, my Mindset Coach, last night about something that really resonated for me.

We were having a late night virtual ‘wine down’ 🍷😃 …and thinking about the last year and a half that we’ve known one another.

A lot has happened…

I got a Business Fellowship into an exclusive Tech Academy, where only 1% are accepted.

I later became Head of Community there, to bring what I bring to ThePGC into that space…

This year I’ve been featured on The Tamron Hall Show on ABC…

And am currently in the works on a few projects with some pretty big stars.

But we also revisited (as we laughed our asses off) just a few years ago…

And it’s kinda wild how I’m able to laugh and value all that I’ve experienced in the last say 10 years now…

I was down to my last $500…which actually came from a friend who believed in me.

I’d been through a horrible divorce from someone who did not want to see me win.

We lost homes, luxury vehicles, our family.

I lost my dignity because of his behavior out in the streets…

I was heartbroken.

And I’d used up all my savings on fighting in court – just to walk away with my company name + ownership (which wasn’t making much at the time) and my two sons 🙏 .

I fought my way out…

I moved into the tiniest + worst apartment in the best neighborhood so my boys could go to the best school.

I renegotiated contracts with myself on what was most important + how to achieve what I needed to.

I developed the concept of the ‘case of the month’ #gamechanger.

I invested every single dollar I made that didn’t pay a bill back into my business.

Gave up my last Range Rover.

Sold some of my Louis Vuittons, clothing, shoes, fur coats…my gold bamboo Posh Tori earrings (they were hard to let go of)… my wedding ring!

I sold all that shit. #truestory

And before you know it…I was at $2k a month…then $5k, then $12k…and so on.

It was like all the pain + heartache + loss had shown me exactly where I never wanted to be again.

And I didn’t have to.

I’m not saying it was easy…because it’s not easy and sometimes I still think about that girl and what she fought through.

But it taught me several things

  1. Always create your own.

  2. Never think that just because you are down, you are out.

  3. Use that energy to drive you. Not let it take you down.

In the year since my fellowship where I met Kyle…I’ve added another 6 figure income stream as Head of Community for that Silicon Valley startup that I got the fellowship for, built a team for PGC, and traveled all over, living in different parts of the Country (soon the world) while I decide which place I love most.

That is a life that is available to you too, if you want to create that freedom in your life.

Inside of The Socialite Society, I share all of the steps I took with Kyle (who’s now the Community Mindset Coach there for you), and on my own – to create this life for myself.

You get access to The PGC Methodology Course content which are the 12 pillars I built my businesses on.

You get monthly coaching from yours truly on that content and access to replays, etc.

You get the most Incredible platform you’ve experienced for both Content and Community (we have an app!)

You get access to ThePGC Lifestyle content – all my life experience, hacks, + tips on living your whole best life, okkurrrr…

And you get the Community.

Your own personal hype girls!

Your support system.

Your business freaking besties – because I’m not the only one who wants to see you win.

But the thing you’ll get that’s probably the most important…is you get to find yourself.

And become the very best version of you, possible.

I truly hope to see you inside, because I do want you to win.

But… I can’t want it more than you do…

You ready?

Click here to join us.

XX, Tori💋

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