2021 Planning | Quarantine Edition WFH

I love planners! I love even more – the planners that have Intention behind them.

You’ll hear me use this word a lot. You already have, but now you’ll definitely be paying more attention to it every time I say/write it lol…

Each year I choose the planner that’ll get me thinking about more than just checking off boxes.

I want to be Intentional about my Life.

I spent sooooo many years hustling.

Now it’s about #smarthustle

That defined means…

1. Taking care of me before anyone else. Simple – you cannot pour from an empty cup. Period. And you should want to make the best version of yourself daily, to enhance your days creating more internal fulfillment.

2. Working smarter, not harder. My beautiful assistant Sofija pointed out to me today that this week we went so much slower, but really made immense progress in some of our goals. She’s right. This 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership is definitely paying off, lol. Seriously – I’ve committed to going through a single Commitment each month and I’m already seeing my evolution! It feels incredible to do things + make moves for yourself. And there is such POWER in daily change and growth ♥️

3. Enjoying the journey! I’ve been in straight hustle mode for so long, I was forgetting to really stop and have ‘the moments’. Being a stay at home Mami, you think that means spending every second with your kids. For me, I was there all the time – but not creating a space where I was always present. That’s tough to say out loud. And I had to really work at doing that. I want to help you create these spaces in your life right now – to be present in the moment.


With that – I’m sharing my favorite planner of the moment with you in hopes that you can go beyond just hustle and winning…to loving, healing, enjoying…and being present.

I’ll be documenting my journey of change this year + sharing my tips + best practices all along the way inside The Socialite Society, in hopes that you can learn best practices now vs. later.

Grab yours below + let’s do this together, shall we…?

Oh yea, and grab 10% off through January 1st with the code poshgirls10

Click here

XX, Tori 💋

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