What do you really know about marketing?

Here’s one thing I absolutely know…

Most new e-commerce business owners know nothing about internet marketing. They’re under the perception that ‘if you build it, they will come’. That’s because someone said that once, and it sounded cute (inserts eyeroll).

And that leaves people thinking it’s as simple as posting up quotes and getting the most likes + followers.

You see all the flashy posts of the people who have ‘made it’ using social media + you’re thinking how amazing their lives appear…

They’re hanging out on yachts, vacationing in exotic places.

Driving fancy vehicles + living in beautiful homes.

It looks like they really aren’t doing any work, and that’s the lifestyle you’re expecting immediately.

That’s not real.

The reality check is that aspiring business owners spend lots of time in the beginning – much more than anyone wants to tell you – getting it right. Sometimes years pass before they get to the point of hiring the first employee, which means they were doing it all themselves. #Hustle

People will tell you that it’s really simple and in 6 months or less you’ll be banking 6 figs with the quickness.

I’m going to tell you the straight-up truth, because I want you to have real expectations management, while also knowing how you really can do this.

🎯You’re going to need to invest in yourself.

You must learn what you don’t know, and chances are – you don’t know marketing and don’t have a business degree or work experience with this background. Chances are, you’ve listened to many ‘gurus’ who have led you to believe overnight success is imminent if you ‘build it’…or get that one single course which will give you all you need to make it right away!

🎯You’ll need a plan.

Because without clear objectives, you run in circles, have nothing to measure or track results, and you don’t know what 20% of your activity is creating 80% of your successes (80/20 rule).

🎯You are going to need support.

Because it’s a cold, cold world sometimes. And if you don’t have a circle that surrounds you, protects you, has your back…you will not be successful for very long.

You are far more likely to succeed when you have your people there to run ideas off of, ask for critical eyes for refinement, and show up when you need them most. People who want to see you win. And in my experience, in our everyday circles, that’s often difficult to find.


🚀You can create a successful business.

🚀You can reach the point where you’re the one in the yacht + fancy house + car photos (if that’s your thing).

🚀You can join the list of ‘6 figures in 6 months’ success stories.

So back to how we started this message…’if you build it, they will come’.

Well, sure. But only if you’re willing to put in the work.

And keep up the work.

Learn to implement a growth mindset, self – discipline, consistency, and commitment to growing always.

We have a place where you can put in the investment into yourself, create a real plan to help expedite your goals, and a Community unlike any other.

So while you build your dream this year…maybe consider building it with us.

Support. Plans. Resources. Accountability.



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