đź“ŁBefore you build, map!

You’re starting a business this year…

That may have you feeling many things.





Confused AF.

Where do you even begin?

There are many ways to approach business building. Anyone who’s been successful has a say on what strategy they took. The most important thing to consider when launching your business, is what resonates with you?

Before you get started with anything, you’ll want to map your business.

I am constantly mapping for PGC, because I always want to think about how/where the business can grow. At the very least, once per week I set aside time to work on/in the brand map.

There are certain elements I like to imagine, dream, envision…seeing all the possibilities.

Rather, as many as my mind can gather…

And as a team, we share + expand together.

If you’re not working with a team yet – it’s perfectly fine.

Mapping will help you get there.

So as I create, I think of a few key points that I want to share to help you get started on your own Brand Map.

  1. Identify your key stakeholders. For your business, this breaks down as the exact personas you’re wanting to attract. Your ideal customer.
  2. Step one helps you get clarity on your identity, the design + styling.
  3. Styling leads you into content development. Where do your stakeholders show up? That’s where you’ll need to be.
  4. Identifying revenue streams! This is one people skip all the time – focusing only on their main product vs. looking at your Brand itself as an Asset.
  5. Planning. Look at the entire year as a whole. There are only 12 months in the year. When you think about planning this year…think about it in terms of full months. All of a sudden, those feelings of terror and confusion subside.

You can do this.

And I teach you how to successfully map your business before you get started doing any work. Because without direction, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

So what’s left?





Confused AF.

Excitement + Thrill…




Grab the full Brand Mapping Guide as a BONUS inside of PGC Brand School!

Can’t wait to see what you’ll build.

to get started. XX, Toriđź’‹

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