Reenergising & Reconnecting with Yourself

Do you really feel like yourself right now? Are you feeling uncreative or uninspired? 

Let’s be honest for a sec. Life is full of deadlines, projects and commitments that can feel endless. 

Between our careers, family life, relationships, fitness, health, study, and social media, it’s easy to feel like we’re going a million miles per hour. Stuck in a routine and running on autopilot, this inescapable circle can spread our energy thin. 

Consequently, it becomes difficult to pour our hearts into what we love and truly invest in our ambitions. So tired from all-consuming daily tasks, the magic we need to be creative and passionate is diluted. Occasionally, taking care of ourselves can feel more like a luxury than a necessity.

There are 24 hours in a day – if we’re lucky, 8 of those are spent sleeping. So, we have 16 left to choose and use. Simple, right?


Girl, if you’re spending every waking hour chasing your goals and working for your dreams you’ll be far too familiar with forgetting to set aside moments in your busy schedule for self-care. Know that you are not alone.

A hard-working mentality can sometimes lead you to feel obliged to consistently be proactive. This could look like taking phone calls in the car, replying to emails while eating breakfast or listening to podcasts while getting ready. Multitasking can be so beneficial in terms of productivity, but at the upmarket expense of our mental health. 

If you find yourself feeling guilty for spending time for yourself or if you’ve lost your glow, follow these tips to reenergise and reconnect with yourself.

  • Understand what drives you.

Become in-touch with yourself and celebrate your gifts. Find what truly motivates you to rise out of bed in the mornings, show up for others and contribute to society. When are you the happiest? When do you feel the most ‘you’? That is your essence.

  • Create space.

Actively create space in your routine – set down your phone, close your laptop, tuck away your planner, substitute high intensity workouts for yoga if you’re tired and learn to say no if you’re overbooked. Try not to fill empty time. Creative ideas won’t come if you don’t give yourself space to look inside your heart.

  • Disconnect to reconnect. 

Dealing with stress can be difficult with an overflowing plate of projects. Disconnecting from your commitments that don’t light a fire in your soul will lift an enormous weight off your shoulders. Consider the company of those around you. Do they support who aspire to be? Are they inspiring your success?

  • Be silent.

The art of being silent provides clarity, ideas and inspiration, relief of stress and ultimately fuels creativity. Journaling, meditating, finding balance, spending mindful time in nature, reflecting on your day, or simply striving to slow your fast-paced lifestyle are perfect examples. Focus on intending only to be present.

  • Find your outlet.

Do things that make you happy. If nothing appeals to you as a hobby and you categorise leisure as unproductive time, that’s a major hint that you’re out of touch with your intuition. Seek new activities that make you forget your to-do list, spend undivided time doing things you love with people you love.

Success is like a butterfly effect. Your outer world becomes more organised and more inspired if you tend to your inner world.

The smallest changes to your routine and having mere consciousness around self-care can spark incredible enhancement in every aspect of your life. 

In no time, your creativity will return, you’ll have endless energy to follow your dreams and conquer those goddess goals. I promise.


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