Instagram IS for Bosses…

I mean, there is so much opportunity there, I get excited each time I think about another way to monetize a stream of income using the platform. For me, it began way back on Myspace.

My very first account was for my first company, PoshLifeBling, which I started in my living room, and took to the red carpet! And I started that company without a single penny. Pure creativity and desire. Desire to be more, do more, and have more.


Since then, I have worked inside of the “celebrity world”. Building relationships and even sometimes partnering up with some of the biggest brands of the last decade. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve paid such close attention to how Influence works. And I’ve taken that influential blueprint and followed it to the letter, to create a thriving brand. Two thriving brands, in fact. I’m going to share what I’ve figured out with you.


Let’s take a look at one of my clients + favorite families to watch – because I’m in awe of what they have created since I met Khloe back just about 4 months before the show aired…and in over a decade, they’ve created this monster presence for every single immediate family member.

And I already know what some will say…they were rich, they were famous. It was easy for them.

That’s true. And yet, every rich family hasn’t created this success.

I’ve used this system to create Influence, sell into the 6 figure club within about 8 months in my first business.

Then I repeated that with ThePoshGirlsClub.

Then got hired by a Silicon Valley startup with a mission I truly love that aligns with my own – another 6 figure stream.

I didn’t realize what I was doing…but I was creating a systematic circle of Influence that builds trust, helps me reach ICONS, sell my products, and build CREDIBILITY with my audiences – on repeat.

That is what the Kardashians have done.

That is what you can build.

And the scalability totally depends on what you put in.

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