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Recently, I did a survey/poll on my IG stories about planning, goals + what keeps YOU from reaching yours.

Some of the responses were:

  1. I don’t believe my goals are achievable
  2. I don’t have the money to pursue them
  3. I don’t have time
  4. I feel like I’m not good enough or not ready
  5. I’m too young, people don’t take me seriously or I don’t know where to begin

You can imagine I get hundreds of responses, but these are a few of the recurring ones.

What I know to be true about getting what you want out of life are a few things:

  1. If you don’t intentionally pursue what you want, you won’t achieve it. You may ‘fall’ into some successes on purpose because you are working hard.
  2. But you’re not working with INTENTION, towards those goals that are going to require you to truly step up and have purpose, passion, and intention behind what you’re doing to create tremendous amounts of success for yourself.
  3. That looks like…’hustling’ through everyday, not purposely setting time for yourself to dream, plan, ideate, and then create the bigger visions for your life. If you’re constantly in the ‘doing’ for work or IN your professional career, you’re not CREATING the time or a plan to actively create what you want in life. What you TRULY desire…and I wonder, do you KNOW what it is you truly desire?

Using BHAG for your personal brands (entrepreneurial or professional)

Big Hairy Audacious Goals Work: By Definition,

There are four broad categories of BHAG:

  • Role model
  • Common enemy
  • Targeting
  • Internal transformation

“Role-model BHAGs are about emulating the success of a well-known company. This has been overdone a bit, with many companies seeking to be “the Uber” of their industry. Common-enemy BHAGs focus on overtaking your competitors, aiming often at beating the top companies in the industry. Targeting BHAGs refer to things such as becoming a billion-dollar company or ranking #1 in the industry. Internal-transformation BHAGs are generally used by large, established companies to remain competitive by revitalizing their people and their business.”

For yourself, think about how each category can be implemented based on how you use them in your personal branding strategy:

Role Model: Using the person or brand you admire to inspire you towards positioning yourself. ‘Oprah did this, I’d love to have that type of Influence, vs. replace O”…AS IF! She has a FORUMULA. Tap into the formula and infuse YOUR magic there!

Common enemy: Who are you taking out? What are they missing in the market? How can you essentially take over in this space?

Targeting: How can you become a revenue generating powerhouse (corporate or entrepreneurship), profiting $100M in sales over the next 5 years? CEO? VP of Sales?Founder/Co-Founder?

Internal transformation: How do you create brand+ employee loyalty? I have seen companies do this VERY WELL! It’s creating Tribal Networks or Primal Branding which I refer to often. How do you create that type of brand loyalty?

SO, back to the original statement and poll: why people on’t achieve their dreams:

  1. I don’t believe my goals are achievable | With a clear vision, you can begin to set an achievable plan and actionable steps to reach them.
  2. I don’t have the money to pursue them | With a plan, you can identify income streams available to you right now and use what you have! There is magic in you, yet!
  3. I don’t have time – You never will if you don’t insist on it. From yourself, from others – with clear boundaries and requirements from yourself!
  4. I feel like I’m not good enough or not ready – F8ck Impostor Syndrome! Make a list of all the things you are great at. Then a list of those that you’d like to work on. And stop making excuses, get to work! Enhance what you’re great at + shine a light on that, while you improve the areas you need to.
  5. I’m too young, people don’t take me seriously or I don’t know where to begin – or I’m too old, my time is past – where do I begin? You begin with that list I told you to create. Identify your magic, and don’t put limitations on yourself that other people aren’t even focused on. And when/if people do focus on them, shine your light so damn bright they forget to focus on that.

Now, Declare your BHAG!

Example: Facebook has set a few BHAGs over time, including to “make the world more open and connected” and “give everyone the power to share anything with anyone.” Google wants to “organize the world’s information and market it universally accessible and useful.”

ThePoshGirlsClub is ‘Inspiring a new breed of Breadwinners to chase + achieve their dreams’

Know yours? Drop them in the comments!

Take the time this week to identify your BHAG and share it within the Community! We want to dream, support, and encourage you along your journey!

If you’re a member of The Socialite Society Community, we’ll be deep diving into how to create your BHAG + begin creating the plan for moving towards your goals with Intention!

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