Building A Personal Brand for Career vs. Entrepreneurship

Karen shares her thoughts + learnings on creating your personal brand in Career and Tori tackles Entrepreneurship



I have to confess in all my 20+ of being in Corporate I never knew anything about personal branding in my career. It is only through my career coaching with professionals I know how important this is and how many people have no clue what their personal brand is.

So what does this mean for you in your Career it simply means what is your “reputation”. What feeling or look and feel do you want whoever interacts with you on a professional level to have – what do you want them to understand when they leave you?


I am going to walk you through personal branding? People will perceive you as what they think you are so why not make it intentionally from your perspective. Unfortunately their perception is their reality, so why not make it something you actually want.


First type of people we want to talk about are your peers and colleagues at the office. I would ask 1-3 close peers. What comes to mind when you think of me?


Get their feedback ask them to write a few things down. Then you take it away and say where do I agree with some of the comments and where do I disagree. It’s not for you to take personally. What you are really trying to see is how people perceive you and that is your secret sauce to changing that narrative in your brand. This is where you can gain huge insight and change if necessary the way you have been showing up and exerting certain behaviours. You have to have the courage to get this type of feedback but it’s worth it’s weight in gold.


Personal branding is crucial to cultivating a successful career. Marketing yourself and your career as a brand is more than just about creative business cards or pretty fonts– it’s about how you present yourself to potential clients, customers, and anyone else imperative to your career.

Your brand is an indication of what you have to offer, and can make or break your success. It’s also indicative of confidence, credibility and an ability to prioritize.

Karen’s takeaways

Do you ever ask yourself how you can create a personal brand that’s both effective and authentic?Here are seven ways to create a strong personal brand to help you jump start your career success!


Be true to yourself.

  1. It may seem obvious, but when you’re crafting a personal brand, you need to focus mainly on yourself. Your image, voice, and presence are all that matter. When you’re true to yourself, and try to exude as much authenticity as you can, people will notice. And more often than not, they’ll like what they see!


In addition, make sure you have a clear voice. Your voice should be consistent, focused, and recognizable. When I first started helping Jim cultivate his brand, the first step we took together was in working on his voice. Creating a message, and getting that message across clearly to other people in an authentic and unique way, will help you be more understood and appreciated.


Pay attention to your online image.

  1. Did you know 93% of employers said they will search for your social media profiles during the interview process? If you’re not sure what your online presence looks like, it’s time to do a sweep of all your social media and online activities, to make sure they match up with your brand and paint you in the best light.

Take some time to clean up your online image by seeing if you can get any information removed, and setting up Google alerts for your name so you’re alerted any time new information pops up.

Staying on top of it and going back through those social media feeds with a fine-tooth comb will guarantee you have a better image, and therefore a more cohesive and professional personal brand.

Send a Consistent Message


  1. Regardless of the platform, keep your message consistent. Whether you’re posting social media updates, writing your resume, or you’re sitting in an interview, carry the same message across all channels about your personal brand.

 Are you an eternal optimist who loves to inspire others to learn and grow? Great! Share an example during interviews of how you’ve done that, keep your LinkedIn status updates positive and inspiring, and share opportunities with others to help them learn and grow.

  1. Be a Thought Leader

Share your expertise and thoughts with the world. Don’t worry about saying what everyone else is saying or what you think everyone wants to hear. Give people your advice and your thoughts on your industry and position. What has worked for you? Write articles or blogs to share tips with your network about what’s worked for you in your industry and what has not.


  1. Learn and Grow

Continue investing in knowledge of your industry, new trends, what works, and what doesn’t. Never stop learning and growing. I advise clients to find subject matter experts and thought leaders they admire and follow them. Read their blog posts, sign up for their webinars, enroll in their online courses. Locate organizations thriving in your industry that are staying at the forefront of trends and learn from the best. This can mean taking classes, attending conferences, or earning a new certification or credential. Knowledge and wisdom gained from those who’ve walked the road before you is never a bad investment.


  1. Be Proactive

Managers love proactive employees who are always one step ahead and have a solution to a problem without being asked. When a promotion opportunity arises, these are the people who are offered promotions first. As an employer, my employees who are willing to learn and grow, graciously accept feedback, and who are proactive in resolving issues as they arise without being asked are the first ones I think of when new growth opportunities come up within my company. They are also the first ones I will create new roles for because I can trust them. I know they’re loyal—and I am more willing to invest in their ongoing training and development within the company.


  1. Assess Yourself

Look back over your career to assess your performance, growth, and goals. Are there any areas of weakness or opportunities for improvement? Pursue training in those exact areas. Invest in yourself and your long-term career growth by keeping a teachable mindset and being a lifelong learner. Employers will take note of your enthusiasm and effort to learn, grow, and improve.Karen Close by saying 

Overall, To advance your personal brand and career—whether you’re staying where you are or you’re ready for a career change. Become an expert at what you do, be kind to everyone (it matters more than you think in your career growth), and be others-centered.



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Let me tell you a story.

Once there was a 19 year old girl who ran off + eloped.

She later gave birth to two amazing sons

She found herself in a relationship where things weren’t working as she had hoped.

Neither the girl or her husband had thought about what life would look like together raising those sons, as they decided she would be a stay at home parent.

Her husband wasn’t one who liked to share – and she liked all the posh things.

One of those things being a little pink, blinged out sidekick. The problem was, you had to mail your phone out to get it designed – and it was very expensive to do.

So she built a business in secret that would solve her problem/pain point.

A business that…

  1. Could get her the thing she wanted (that blinged out phone)
  2. More, bigger of what she wanted – financial freedom

She branded that business as she would’ve wanted to be marketed to, because she was her own, ideal customer.

The entire brand + marketing were built around the posh, glam girl who loves everything pink, unicorns + bling.

She attracted those very customers…lots of them, and many who also happened to be celebrities…even icons.

This worked seamlessly because her presence and everything she put out for the brand – was cohesive.

The customer completely understood that she was for them!

Later on, when that now, woman found herself in Silicon Valley – she ATTRACTED startups that recognize the talents she had crafted around reaching audiences, growing them into millions – and creating communities through those efforts.

That is alignment, strategy, and personal branding summed up in one story.

Simply put. Building a personal brand revolves around knowing what you want to build and who you’re building it for.

When that woman built a million plus follower Instagram presence, she did so understanding how to pull life, art, personas together to weave a consistent story of a recognizable journey that others can relate to, even if their story is different. It’s a hero journey.

And if you’re building a brand for entrepreneurship or career, the audience must invest in the hero.

Whomever, or whatever that is…heroe’s can be:





Tori’s Takeaway’s…

  1. Are you creating Relatability + Likeability for the person you want to attract
    1. You do that through your marketing strategy. People want to feel like they know who you are, and story telling, or story ‘selling’ is how you create that. My story became how I went from ‘my living room to the red carpet’ creating a business from 0 out of necessity – and ending up creating a brand synonymous with the era of the socialite.
  2. Trust – Why are you an authority? Have you done what you want to sell them? What makes you an expert?
    1. I’m an authority because unlike many people, I did the work as a gritty startup. I did it all without resources – at least none that seemed tangible. But they were; passion, thinking out of the box, creativity – I made these ideas + feelings tangible by willing something into existence.
  3. Where’s the social proof?
    1. As you build, you create credibility; thought leadership because you record your process so you can teach what you learned and what was successful later!
    2. Keep testimonials!


Join us inside of our private slack Community to continue the conversation + connect with us.

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