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I know that you’re building a brand from the ground up – and I also know how much of a struggle it can be no matter what stage of Entrepreneurship you’re in.

I spent the last few days in Paradise with a few of my besties, collaborating, making plans, and talking about my incredible Community.

Recently I put up a post on our Instagram page talking to Entrepreneurs – and with so many responses, it’s been weighing heavily on my mind how I can help bring more impact into your lives…

Instagram creators can often paint the image that it’s all glitz + glam, with images of yachts + trips to the Amalfi Coast, Luxury vehicles, Glamorous Homes…very few are showing and talking about the real ugly tears that you’ll cry, many times on a weekly basis when building your brand.

Or how difficult it is to be seen, when you’re just an everyday person working on your dream.

And while you may very well get to that point one day – if that’s your goal – you may not quite be there yet.

So how do you get there?

What you need…is visibility.

You can work hour after hour, day after day, but what you need just as much as all of the email funnels, content marketing and branding strategies – is visibility.

Eyes on your brand.

That was one of the biggest requests and struggles of my audience, which led me to create something that would help my Community with that major pain point.


In just a couple of weeks, we’re launching a project I’ve been working on for several months now. And you are one of the first to hear about it in advance.

ThePoshGirlsClub Magazine is a publication for + about the journey of the entrepreneur, and features the many incredible businesses in our Community.

We want to highlight and share the stories of businesses that look us up daily for Inspiration, Motivation, and Resources to up level their brands…and give them a place to SHINE.

Hence, the name…🤩

When building out this model, I insisted on creating options that could fit any business budget, at any level.

So…whether you are literally just getting started with your first Instagram posts and setting up your brand identity…or you have been at this for awhile, with a few wins under your belt…we have an option for you.

Here are some of the spaces you can potentially see your brand:

✅ In the Magazine, of course!

✅ Our Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Pinterest (over 1 million views monthly), on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Profiles to name a few.

✅ The reach is well over 2 million monthly, for every single issue…

✅ Not to mention the advertising + launch you can expect with the magazine hitting the internet in just a few weeks!

Here’s your very unique, once in a business lifetime opportunity to get visibility for your brand – in a massively major way!

Want in? Of course you do!

We are already booked for the first issue, secure a space in the next one and start planning your first or next launch.

Learn more

See you inside one of our issues!


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