It’s Not The Brand. It’s You.

Do you know why so many brands fail at paid advertising?

It’s simple. Because they aren’t doing it right.

There’s not a single brand that can promise you a specific number of conversions. If they do, run. Because they’re paying for ‘fake conversions’ to give you numbers – vs. true data that you can use to take further in your own marketing strategy.

Here’s what I mean…

Back in 2006, I was 1 of less than 20 companies as backstage swag for the AMA’s (American Music Awards). We took up the entire top floor of The Standard Downtown LA. Each room had 1-2 businesses set up with all of their best swag for the celebs coming through.

It’s so crazy for me to think back to those pre-Insta days because let me tell you – my photos from back then are nothing like what I put up now, lol. If I’d really been on my shit, I would’ve hopped into the photo with Khloe + my now famous Treo phone.

But it all happened so fast, I was overwhelmed by how perfect everything about her seemed – mainly her attitude. She’s one of the dopest people I’ve ever met.

Kind, open, and I could tell by the way she picked up my Bling phone and rocked that damn photo, that she was the ultimate girl supporter.

Just a few months later, I received an email from the event curator, Gavin Keily of GBK productions, telling me that he had the best surprise for me, and a moment captured on (disk, lol), film that was going to change my life.

He sent me a letter a few weeks later, telling me that Khloe Kardashian was about to launch a series with her sisters that would change reality tv. Inside the large envelope was a disk that would change my business forever…

At this point, I was already making about $10-15k per month – my price for designs back then averaged $800-900 per piece.

I input the disk into my computer – and there it was – the most flawless shot of Khloe Kardashian!

Here’s where things got interesting and where the game changed.

Imagine if I’d just stopped at getting that beautiful shot of Khloe?

It’s cool + all to have it…but how was it going to make me money?

I took that image and began marketing campaigns for my brand (pre-IG + Facebook btw). Straight hustle.

Flooding the internet with my images; my website, eBay, MySpace, and showing up on YouTube…to begin the marketing from the photo.

I didn’t expect or wait for Ryan Seacrest or Khloe Kardashian to put me on the map. It was now my job to do that!

I used the images and created my own hype + campaigns around that access.

I tell you this story to get you thinking…

Whenever you’re wondering if a brand is right for you to advertise with – think about the access you get from exposure – that is a promise brands can make.

Giving you access to their community.
And then, think about what you can do with that access, and how you can expand on it.

That is what we provide for our advertisers.

Using Facebook + Instagram features beyond the ad space you receive will continue to help you drive ongoing traffic from your investment.

That’s what advertising in Bling Magazine will do for you.

Give you access to the Community, Visibility, and the ability to continue to grow your audiences from those initial efforts.

There’s a few gems for you, yaaasss!



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