Diamonds Are Forever

new coaching – limited spaces



hi love!

So if you’ve been around for awhile, you know I once had a group called the Diamond Girls. It’s a group that many wish I still had, because you got the one on one coaching back then for like…pennies!

Clearly I’ve grown far too much to do those same type of arrangements – I just don’t have the availability…but I’ve come up with a new way to provide a different kind of valuable help each month for those who want it.

I’m bringing back the Diamonds…

I will tell you now, I am only taking 10 people for this, because I want to see how many more I’d realistically be able to handle after that.

Here’s what we’ll do:

Each month you will get one call or video call with me for 40 minutes.

I will get a clear picture of your goals & what you need to do for that quarter, then write up a plan of action for you after our call based on where you are & the direction I would take if I were you. Brand building is what I do, I feel like “The Brand Whisperer”, lol, because the ideas are really a gift. They just come in such abundance that I know these are not all ideas just meant for me. That’s why I keep searching for ways that I can share some of these incredible ideas and be a resource and help you structure it all!

Once you get the instructions…

You will spend the next month implementing that plan, and then we will meet up each month following, to discuss your progress, what you accomplished, and what you need to do next.

Most businesses struggle with the plan, not the ideas. But I’m great at creating both ideas for brands, and then helping you to map out the plan to achieve the goals.

Here’s the best part. The cost is only $89/month. You can have this split into 2 monthly payments if you need to.

And you can cancel whenever you want, there is no ongoing contract.

So we meet, you get a detailed, outlined plan of action with any necessary tools & direction to help you get there (that may be video, pdf, or an outline). You work on that plan until our next meeting the following month.

If you’re looking to grow your brand with me in an ongoing capacity, this is an incredible offer.

Diamond Girls also get discounted entry into The Socialite private group if you’re accepted into the Coaching program. This is a huge commitment, so I’ll only take businesses and people who are serious about growing and committed to their success.

If you’re currently a Diamond from when we opened 2 years ago, and you want to upgrade your membership to this plan, just shoot me a message anywhere. Email, DM, Private Group…XO, Tori



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