Dream Customers

Do you have a dream customer?

dream customer.png

And more importantly, are you reaching them?

It’s time to take a look at your audience. Every month, I go through my email list and DELETE anyone who’s not actively opening emails, interacting, or buying. Because that tells me a lot about my list…

And each month, I replace those people with new ones, who are engaged and buying or at least interested in getting there. Those people are my Dream Customers. The ones who NWD what I have to offer.

As we enter July and start thinking about positioning for the rest of the year, it’s more important than ever to take a look at your audience & see if you’re reaching yours.

The person who is ready for everything you put out; craving more!

We’ve done Branding 30 Day Coaching Challenge, Instagram For Entrepreneurs Product & List Building, and now it’s time to find your Dream Customers, so you can make those offers to them!! For 10 days, we are going to focus on your Dream Customer together!

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Identify the best places to find your customer
What the best content is for your niche market (because Content is King!!!)
How to use IG (Stories, Live, TV) as a combined effort to have your customers checking for you daily!
Understand customer behaviors and use that to drive conversions
Understand 3 pillars of automating your income from having the right customer base
What every landing page/sales funnel needs to bring in more sales – 3 components!
Connecting social media to it all!

The 10 Day Challenge is $67 and you can pay it in 2 payments to get in.

You will have hands on coaching directly from me – post your questions & work at your own pace!

I know people aren’t thinking about this yet…but as Entrepreneurs, we know that the holiday rush is just around the corner. Think about the time it takes to build trust with your customers. You don’t want to wait until Black Friday to plan for Black Friday.

Ready to reach your Dream Customer…?

2 payments of $35

1 Payment $67



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