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So I took a few months off of live streaming consistently. Working & building other parts of my brand took priority.

I see so much conflicting information, that I decided to do a little testing of my own & recording information based on what I know has worked using the platform since the beginning, till now. In my group, it’s the biggest topic of conversation; everyone wants to know how to grow big accounts, fast. And while I know it can be easy to get caught up in the numbers, I do want you to know that you don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money.

But I know what you’re thinking…whatever, Tori, tell me how to grow!

Listen…it’s tough enough to grow a brand out here in the later stage of Instagram if you’re just getting into the place where you want to sell your products & use it as a platform to reach new people. The very last thing you need is people telling you things that do not work!


And so I’ve been creeping back, little by little…and while I don’t have tons of time on my hands to do the live streaming each week, I’ve been doing lots of random thoughts recording for you with strategies that I know work – and don’t! If you’re in my text group, you’re already a step ahead, because you have access to the info. It’s completely free to get in.

If you aren’t, you can text me the word POSH to 77948 so you can continue getting factual info & not being fed fake news!!

How to grow your Instagram Followers Organically

Now that we’ve got that out of the way – it’s time for an Instagram Training check in. 

You may know that I started ThePoshGirlsClub in March of 2017. Like legit first post, it’s still up even though I was working on my brand aesthetic back then, lol! I had to make that transition from Bling to PGC, so it took me a minute. I like to leave that to show people that even I have grown through brand changes, too, it’s okay

Anyway, that was a very short time ago, and I’ve built a community of half a million followers since then…just on PGC!

I have several other IG accounts for my personal & other business brands with large communities, too!!!

In our training, we’re going to talk about what works on Instagram vs. what doesn’t! 

When I focus on one brand & page – it grows! I’ve done this repeatedly for well over a decade on Instagram. 

I’m not guessing.

I’m doing it for my brands, and for our clients over @AgencyInTheCity every single day.

No BS, no wasted time…no fake news!

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you need customers in your business daily…

That’s us right at the top with the pink photo in the center!

That’s us right at the top with the pink photo in the center!

I’m an information & data sponge. And when I give you tips, I want to talk FACTS ONLY.

It’s time to talk about Instagram & Data reports – what works vs. what’s totally a waste of time…

From December to now, I’ve been collecting data based on the behaviors of our community; different businesses, various follower counts & audience sizes…I’m going to share the data with you to help you grow – FAST!

Don’t miss out on our Epic Training. We’re covering all things Instagram! Here’s some of what you can expect…

  1. What every Instagram Business page should include.

  2. Why you’re confused & struggling with content creation for daily posts…

  3. Setting up the links & funnels for your Instagram page.

  4. Branded Graphic Creation & Why You Need It – Resources of favorite APPS.

  5. Where to advertise & how to drive traffic to your Instagram page.

  6. How to get new people into your brand daily & increase your audience at once.

  7. Why you need IGVT & how to leverage for various businesses.

  8. How to use Instagram Stories effectively to increase your Engagement overnight!

  9. What every business should know to grow their ideal audience base fast.

  10. Why you’re not getting likes & comments & how to fix it fast!

This is a Limited Seating Training!

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How I grew my Instagram to 500K Followers in a year!

Ready to get the actual scoop on how Instagram works (currently🙄) and how you can continuously tell the algorithm to kiss your…well, kick rocks?

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In the meantime, I already have hundreds of hours of resources including TONS of Instagram hacking tips that my girls get daily inside our Girl Gang, The Socialite. They’re already that many steps ahead…and killing it in their lane.

You can start NOW and stop wasting your time on half ass strategies that don’t work.

And stop doing it alone! I’m there, my Community Managers (who are or have been coached one on one by me directly) are also there to help you!


And our community is ah-mazing!

You can stop wasting your time with people who are keeping your growth stagnant with limited information. And get the whole scoop starting today!


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