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Hi babe!

I have great news!!

Want to meet me in Miami this summer for the most intensive, mind-blowing, business elevating training ever???

The Blueprint 2-Day Mastermind Training

This is a first-come, first in, action takers opportunity!

I’ll be working with a very small group of business owners + hopefuls that are serious about growing their businesses with scalable systems.


What: 2-day Coaching Mastermind to help businesses create actionable plans for their growth + monetizing potential 

Who: Aspiring + Current entrepreneurs with both physical + digital products. Coaches, Influencers + Experts

For businesses that are ready to launch or have already launched their business that want to create a powerful, high-converting system to drive sales, build relationships and create high influence through the power of a high-ticket sales funnel.

This is for you if you have been working on your business and seeing little to no conversions from those efforts.

Purpose: Information is available in abundance for people daily; there’s no shortage of it available. What is missing, is simple and clear instruction for people hungry for direction on HOW to implement the information. 

When: July 20-21st 

Where: Miami, Florida (Location: Disclosed to attendees only)

Price: The 2-Day Business Blueprint is $597 USD.  

And, you can bring your business bestie along for FREE.  (Although you will share materials, they are only for the registered guest)


You’ll receive face-to-face time with me to ensure you get everything you need from the mastermind.

We’ll construct + outline a complete tactical strategy for each business for the registered attendees. 

I’ll ensure you leave with direction, momentum and an actionable plan for your business.

We are going to customize your individual vision  and show you how to create a one year plan for your business, create a unique matching plan for social media – growth hacking + viral optimization. Then, develop a plan to scale that growth over the next 6 months with optional product add-ons. 

I have a maximum capacity for this event of only 15 participants!!!!

You’ll have food + drinks covered throughout the event + I’ll be bringing you my best tips + strategies reserved for high-ticket coaching clients!!

I will personally teach you the PGC Success Framework that I use with my high touch, private clients.

These clients have invested well over $10-15K USD to work with me in various programs throughout their business growth, and have seen incredible results in their businesses!

You’ll receive materials to get prepared for the event as we get closer! 

A final note: This mastermind isn’t for everyone.  It’s for those that are not only committed to sharing their message but willing to dig in and put the work in, because that is the way that you will be successful. Actionable, specific steps + strategy, then putting in the consistent work.

This training isn’t for those coming to just get information. It’s for people who want to come + get to work with me; bring your questions, be open to new ideas of thinking, put your phones away + focus on your business. Bring your best mindset + energy + willingness to strategize intensely for 2 days. 

Think + imagine….

You’ll be inspired, supported, pushed, and then you’ll see a clear path for your business. Imagine what it will feel like to have such a clearly identified direction without the wavering strategies + input from so many sources. Imagine ending the year with hundreds, thousands of dollars in sales because you took the time to put all the information into intentional steps for your business…High-ticket coaching + simple launches, consistent product sales with ease + repetition!

This is an incredible opportunity to get hands on help in a 2 day mastermind with me. 

With such an incredible offer, the tickets will sell out very quickly.

Let’s get together + get to work on your business. 

I can’t wait to meet you in person, and experience the energy + excitement of helping you put your dreams to work!

Join the Miami Mastermind on location

Take the Virtual Online Coaching Course July 13th + 14th

There’s so much potential + possibility for you.

You just have to claim it.

See you there!

XO, Tori💋

DM me @PoshTori if you’d like a split payment option!



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