There are 5 Pillars to the PoshGirlsClub Success Framework.

Brand. Content. Monetize. Growth. Influence.

In each stage, we have the resources you need!

The Socialite is our private community, where you can access hundreds of hours of resources in each of the POSH GIRLS Pillars. Digital downloads, video, & hundreds of hours of content for you to create & grow a thriving brand! We’re currently open for enrollment!

about the socialite society – our private members club

As a fempreneur, you’ve most likely experienced problems with finding useful abundance of resources to help you create the business you’ve imagined. Perhaps going from one source to another with the hope of filling in the blanks to make a full plan. The problem, as you may have experienced difficulties in finding valuable resources, and other intentionally & unapologetically ambitious women with the same drive & determination as you.

In The Socialite Society, you’ll find hundreds of hours of resources at your disposal from day one, with new ones delivered monthly. And along with those resources, you’ll get the most amazing support from Tori & her team, and your other PoshGirl Business Besties.


You can expect a Group Coaching with Tori & your community, where she’ll help you set SMART Goals & plan in the goal setting meeting. You get access to that month’s Business Bundle packed with videos & downloadable resources, and then bring your questions to get clarity on those resources.

Both a Resource & Video Vault are also available in the private members only website packed with past meetings, goal setting sessions, masterclasses & live streams.

Inspiration Bundles are available for download for your desktop & mobile devices each month. This is for you to feel supported & part of a larger community & to give you that boost as you run your business from your devices!


1. brand building

If you’re at the beginning stages just starting your business, or you feel the need for a revamp, you’ll find an incredible resource for 30 days to build your brand here. Start fresh and spend 30 dedicated days to creating a strong and consistent brand presence across your chosen social media platforms.


Content Creation is a struggle for so many entrepreneurs. Mainly, because you are the hand behind your business, focused on running that business. In this phase of your business, we help you develop & position your brand and your place as a thought leader.

That is, through Blogging, Live Streaming, Video & VSL’s, Look Books, and more tools to get your message out and help you sell more products.


In the monetize phase, you’ll learn how to create systems to move customers through various parts of your business. This is how you generate money while you sleep, play, party, travel, LIVE! Join the $5k Dream Dollars Challenge to help you get started implementing systems into your business!




4. grow

In this phase, you’ve set up your brand, established content that solidifies you as the thought leader in your business. Now you’re ready to grow and scale your brand, reaching new customers using Instagram as the main platform and marketing tool. There are several options for you in this stage.


Instagram Grow is a 30 day course designed to help you establish your brand presence using Instagram. You’ll get 30 days working with together to answer any questions on the content you’re learning over that timeframe. It’s a great starter course for anyone struggling to set up their brand using the Instagram platform, & reaching your target customers.



5. Influence

In the Influence portion of brand building, you have secured your brand identity & USP – the thing that makes you unique in your industry. You have a consistent branded theme across social media. You’re loaded with content from blogging, videos, and/or pdf’s, ebooks, lookbooks, etc. You have systems set up in your business, and now you’re ready to scale to the hundreds of thousands, the masses, so that they can see what you’ve put in place! Instagram for Entrepreneurs is the next step to your leveling up. This is where you’ll learn how to put all of the pieces together to create your mastered mix of marketing and grow into six figures and beyond.

Are you looking for our high touch coaching programs? you can apply to work hands on with Tori in 12 week or ongoing coaching programs designed to walk you through the stages of building your business.


Resources for Coaches

The 6 figure startup strategy is one that you can access as a PGC Graduate or Masters participant. Our Coaches certified through the PGC Courses are included in our referral services. We create ongoing partnerships and promotion to help get you visibility as a PGC Master Coach.

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