Podcast: Millions

Episode 9: the kardashian sales funel


Can you really start a business with no money and grow it into a million dollar company?

In this episode, Tori shares how she started her very first company, PoshLifeBling, with no money at all! From there, she built a company where she shares the exact steps that she used to build that business. There’s a blueprint. Let’s talk:

  1. Understanding how to create a niche market + provide something no one else does.

  2. Creating add-ons that drive up value.

  3. Being creative with your marketing strategy so that you can make money with what you have to invest in something bigger – the ultimate goal!

Tori has spent 17 years of trial + error building a business to reach the most iconic brands + celebrities, creating a million dollar business! She now shares this blueprint with her community to cut the learning curve. Want to learn how to drive more sales sooner?

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